What can we do for your Peugeot?

* Fix any key or immobiliser related problems for your Peugeot when it wont start.

* Fix any problems with keys for all Peugeot models when they dont work.


FIX MY IMMO - Peugeot Immobiliser Repair

Peugeot Immobiliser Failure

Description: The older Peugeot immobilisers can have problem where the keys stop working with the immobiliser or the immobiliser can fail itself. There were a few different types of Immobilisers and keys used on early Peugeots. Some of the Immobilisers we can bypass altogether and other faults are repairable. We can help with all Peugeot immobiliser and key problems.

FIX MY IMMO - Peugeot Key Failure

Peugeot BSI and Key Faults

Description: Many of the Peugeot models are known for there BSI module to fail. Hardware and software failure is common with BSI modules and is usually caused by the battery going flat but this is not always the case. The BSI is not the only problem though, the remote keys on these cars are extremely common for failing, we repair lots of key and BSI faults.

FIX MY IMMO - Peugeot Key Failure

Peugeot Immobiliser Reprogrammng

Description: Continuing on with the BSI failure problem, while hardware failure is common its not as common as software failure. When the software fails it not only effects the immobiliser because the BSI Module controls other features of the car aswell. When a BSI fails you may see problems with the Wipers, Windows, Immobiliser, Lights and nmore.