What can we do for your Mazda?

* Fix any key or immobiliser related problems for your Mazda when the car will not start.

* Fix any problems with the keys, cards, keyless entry system when they dont work.


FIX MY IMMO - Mazda Immobiliser and Key Card Repair

Mazda Keyless Key Card Faults

Description: The Mazda key card system, due to the slim design of the key cards these systems give alot of trouble. They are a proximity type system meaning no key is needed to turn the ignition on but these key card systems develop problems and then no more starting, no more locking and usually the key is lost, we repair all these faults.

FIX MY IMMO - Mazda AKE Keyless problems and Repair

Mazda AKE Keyless System problems

Description: The newer Mazdas use a system known as Advanced Keyless Entry and unfortunately is very unreliable and gives many problems. The system is made up of many sensors, antennas, switches and modules and requires the right tools to diagnose the problem. We repair all problems to do with the system and the keys themselves.