What can we do for your Lotus?

* Fix any key or immobiliser related problems for your Lotus when the car will not start.

* Fix any problems with the remote keys on your Lotus when they dont work.


FIX MY IMMO - Lotus Immobiliser Repair

Lotus 5AS Immobiliser Failure Bypass

Description: Lotus owners who have the Lucas 5AS Immobiliser system installed may know how unreliable it can be. When you press the button on the remote theres no guarantee your car is going to unlock and disarm the Immobiliser. We have a solution to this problem and can disable this immobiliser and unreliable remote locking system permanently.

FIX MY IMMO - Lotus Immobiliser Repair

Lotus Evora Immobiliser and Keys

Description: Lotus Evora Immobiliser system problems are not extremely rare. Poor remote reception is a common problem with them with age and caused by a design fault with them but is a repairable fault. We not only repair problems with the Evora Immobiliser but also provide replacement keys for them aswell even if all keys to your Evora are lost.

FIX MY IMMO - Lotus Exige Immobiliser

Lotus Exige Immobiliser and Remotes

Description: The Cobra Immobiliser Alarm System fitted to some models of the Exige and Elise is known for problems. The system uses a Pin Code and serial number which most owners dont have and without it you can forget about replacement remotes when yours fail or are lost. Pin Codes and replacement remotes is no longer a problem with our Lotus service.

FIX MY IMMO - Lotus Key Repair

Lotus Key Repair Service

Description: When your having problems with your Lotus not unlocking remotely or not starting due to Key or rempote problems then we can help. We repair all problems with the electronic circuit board, faulty swicthes, plastic housings, broken key blades etc. There are no problems we cant fix so no need to throw away or replace your Lotus keys and remotes.