What can we do for your Ford?

* Fix any key or immobiliser related problems for your Ford when the car will not start.

* Fix any problems with the remote keys on your Ford when they dont work.


FIX MY IMMO - Ford Immobiliser Repair

Ford Festiva Immobiliser Failure

Description: The Ford Festiva immobiliser can become a problems as it is built into the dashboard and the dashboard on this model gives problems. When the dashboard in the Ford Festiva is operating incorrectly then the chance of the car one day no longer being able to start could be approaching. We can repair all immobiliser problems with this Ford immobiliser system.

FIX MY IMMO - Ford Explorer Immobiliser Repair

Ford Explorer Immobiliser Problems

Description: The Ford Explorer immobiliser system can be extremely fragile and when the battery gets to low or dies then your Explorer may decide its not going to start again. We have seen many Explorers do this and we can repair all these problems when it happens. The Ford Exploer immobiliser system is built into the ECU.

FIX MY IMMO - Ford Transit Immobiliser

Ford Transit - Lost all keys?

Description: The old Ford Transit Immobiliser system is known for being difficult when the customer has lost all keys. Many locksmiths will not ba able to program new keys into the old Transit immobiliser system. If you have lost all the keys to your Ford Transit and are having this problem then we can make new keys for it and get you going again guaranteed.

FIX MY IMMO - Ford Ranger Immobiliser Repair

Ford Ranger Immobiliser problems

Description: This Ford Ranger immobiliser system can at times decide its no longer going to accept anymore keys to be programmed to the vehicle. We have come across this problems a few times and can offer a repair service when this happens. We can not always fix this problem without the vehicle so in most cases require the vehicle to do this.

FIX MY IMMO - Ford Mondeo Immobiliser Repair

Ford Mondeo Immobiliser problems

Description: Ford Mondeo Immobiliser issues are common and there were several types of systems used. We have repaired many immobiliser faults with the Ford Mondeo models, the vehicle is needed in some cases due to the different systems used of which cannot all be repaired without the vehicle, if you have a Mondeo immobiliser problem feel to free to enquire.