What can we do for your Ferrari?

* Fix any key or immobiliser related problems for your Ferrari when the car will not start.

* Provide replacement Remotes and Pin codes to all Ferrari models if lost or stolen.


Ferrari 458 Immobiliser and Key Repair

Ferrari 458 Immobiliser Repair

Description: Our Ferrari 458 Immobiliser service covers all problems to do with key coding to hardware and software faults. When your 458 wont start because of a faulty transponder key then buying a new key is no longer the only option. If your Immobiliser software is corrupted then replacing the Immobiliser is no longer required. Our service saves thousands.

Ferrari Immobiliser Pin Code

Ferrari Immobiliser Pin Code Service

Description: When adding a remote or key to a Ferrari the Security Pin Code is needed. We can extract the Pin Code from your Ferrari so a remote or key can be added or the immobiliser can be disabled. If you have a Master remote we can extract the Pin Code from the Remote. Our service is for the Ferrari 355 360 456 550 575 599 612 California 458 Italia.

Ferrari 355, 360, 456, 550 Replacement Remote Service

Ferrari Replacement Remote Fob

Description: Lost all the remotes to your Ferrari or need a spare? We supply new Master and Slave remotes. We carry Ferrari remotes in stock for all models. All remotes are programmed to the Immobiliser system, we dont clone remotes. Your Pin Code is required and provided at extra cost. This service is for the Ferrari 355, 360, 456, 550, 575.

Ferrari 599 612 California Immobiliser Repair

Ferrari 599 612 California Immobiliser

Description: Your Ferrari's battery went flat and after replacing the battery your 599, 612 or California wont start. Reprogramming the keys wont work and your told new keys are the only solution. We fix this problem without having to replace any keys or ecu's. We guarantee we can get your original keys to work again with the car even if the Ferrari Dealer cant help you.

Ferrari 599 Immobiliser Repair

Ferrari 599 Immobiliser Failure

Description: The Ferrari 599 Immobiliser (and other models) can strangely enough die if the battery is disconnected for any reason such as to work on the car by a technician. This shouldnt happen but it can and when it does its an expensive repair bill and also usually no fault of the person who disconnected the battery. If you have this problem we can help.

Ferrari F430 Immobiliser Repair

Ferrari F430 Immobiliser Failure

Description: The Ferrari F430 Immobiliser with age can experience problems before eventually failing. You may find it hard to start your F430 and notice the Immobiliser light is taking a long time to go out or not going out at all. The Ferrai F430 Immobiliser systems are expensive to replace, we can repair most of the problems for the F430 Immobiliser.

Ferrari Immobiliser Problem and Repair Service

Ferrari Immobiliser Repair Service

Description: The immobiliser system on the Ferrari 355, 360, 456, 550, 575 is not the reliable system it used to be, These systems develop problems where they wont disable the immobiliser or vice versa, wont remotely unlock, stay in amred mode constantly aswell as other strange faults. We are seeing more of these Ferrari immobilisers failing and can repair all problems.

Ferrari Remote and Key Repair

Ferrari Key and Remote Repair Service

Description: If your having problems with your Ferrari not locking remotely or not starting due to key or remote problems then we can help. We can repair all problems with the electronic circuit boards, replace faulty swicthes and sort out any other problems. Most problems can be fixed so no need to throw away or replace your Ferrari keys or remotes.