FIX MY IMMO - Akfa Romeo Immobiliser and Key Solutions

Alfa Romeo Immobiliser Solutions

Description: Our Alfa Romeo Immobiliser and Key services cater for all problems. Maybe your Alfa Romeo wont start, has an intermiitent starting problem, has a remote locking fault or maybe you have lost or had all the keys to your Alfa stolen then we can help. Alfa Romeo is just one brand of car that we specialise in for Immobiliser and key related problems.

FIX MY IMMO - VW Audi Skoda Immobiliser Bypass

VW Audi Skoda Immobiliser Bypass

Description: Repairing Immobiliser problems on the older model Volkswagen's, Audi's and Skoda's is not something everybody wants done, it can be expensive and most people dont want an immobiliser at all. Our Immobiliser bypass service is the cheapest option to deal with immobiliser problems on these older cars and once done your immobiliser is gone forever!

FIX MY IMMO - Ferrari 355 360 456 550 575 458 Califronia Immobiliser problems

Ferrari Immobiliser Solutions (all models)

Description: A concerning Immobiliser problem with a Ferrari when it wont start is no longer the worry that it used to be for many Ferrari owners. And the reason for this is Ferrari Immobiliser problems is something we specialise in. No start faults, lost pin codes, lost or stolen remotes, broken transponder chips etc are all problems that we solve for you.

FIX MY IMMO - Lotus Immobiliser Solutions

Lotus Immobiliser Solutions

Description: When the only remote or key you have to your Lotus stops working or is lost or stolen then your faced with a rather big problem right? Wrong, because our Lotus Immobiliser and key services caters for all these problems. Replacement keys and remotes, lost pin codes, immobiliser failure, immobiliser bypassing. All problems solved from the Elise to the Evora.

FIX MY IMMO - Rover Immobiliser Bypass and Solutions

Rover Immobiliser Solutions / Bypass

Description: Is it common for the Rover Immobiliser systems to give problems? Yes it is and its common on all models. If your Rover or MG Immobiliser, remote or key is giving you intermittent starting problems or now wont start at all then we can help. Repairing remotes and keys or bypassing the Immobiliser on your MG or Rover is something we can help with.